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Thump! Thump! Who's There?

S.P. Getty’s Pixie Hare™ character has long ears that allow the Pixie Hare to hear a wide range of sounds, from very soft whispers to very loud roars!  The Pixie Hare's long beautiful ears make her an amazing listener who is always curious to discover new things.  But, when the Pixie Hare hears a pounding “Thump! Thump!” sound rumbling from just outside her home, her mind starts to wander and she begins to envision some odd things that could be making the loud “Thump! Thump!” sound. The Pixie Hare's predicament of allowing the mind to wander after hearing an unfamiliar noise is something many people can relate to regardless of age.  As the sound becomes louder, the Pixie Hare's thoughts become wildly imaginative, if not a bit overblown. The fun awaits. Read what happens when the pint-sized Pixie Hare becomes brave enough to investigate the noise.  Read Thump! Thump! Who’s There? to see if any of the Pixie Hare's silly suspicions are correct.


When to read:

Before or after investigating new sounds

Before playing and jumping around

For some suspense and sheer silliness

Around Halloween

Just for fun!

Written and Illustrated for:

Listener Participation
(e.g., staring contest, seek and find, name game)
Rhyme and Sound (funny/bunny, hare/stare)
Teaching Morals and Lessons

(e.g., faith, family, courage, kindness, friendship, forgiveness)
Patterns and Repetition
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