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How Many Are There?

S.P. Getty’s lovable Pixie Hare™ character, whose favorite game (like nearly every child’s) is hide-and-seek, takes readers and listeners on a short seek-and-find adventure that aims to entertain, as well as educate, kids as they search for Pixie Hares and count them in order to answer the title question: How Many are There?

When to read:

Before playing outside

Before playing "I spy" out the window and counting - How Many are There?

Just for fun!


Written and Illustrated for:

Listener Participation
(e.g., staring contest, seek and find, name game)
Rhyme and Sound (funny/bunny, hare/stare)
Teaching Morals and Lessons

(e.g., faith, family, courage, kindness, friendship, forgiveness)
Patterns and Repetition
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