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Meet Our Featured Author:

S.P. Getty

S.P. Getty is a teacher, a children’s book author and the creator of the lovable Pixie Hare™ character found in the Hare on the Stare books, which are sold individually and soon as a collection in S.P. Getty’s Pixie Hare Adventure Series Edition One (PHASE 1).

Getty gains inspiration from his faith, family, and friends for sharing fun and imaginative stories that are filled with relatable situations mixed with layers of learning opportunities that make for delightful reads that can be shared time and again. His simple storylines appeal to a wide range of kids, to the young and old, from toddlers to teenagers to twenty somethings and beyond. Getty stories are simple yet engaging, rhythmic and heart-warming, and sprinkled with gleeful humor that makes each book a treat to read out loud. If you want to read short stories that are filled with entertaining teachable moments, then as one reader put it, “You gotta get a Getty!

Getty lives with his wife and four children a short drive north of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


(Want to know a little secret about S.P. Getty that's very funny and very true?  S.P. Getty's friends call him, "Spaghetti.")

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