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The Peekaboo Pair

S.P. Getty’s little Pixie Hare™ characters all go by the same last name, “Peeka”, which is derived from their skillful acts of staring and playing all sorts of games. The Peekaboo Pair is a story made for two, so two readers, maybe a parent and a child, or two children, or perhaps a child and a friendly Pixie Hare, who are very good readers and listeners, by the way. The idea is to have fun taking turns reading words that echo and rhyme. The story starts out teaching a little bit about animals and then it gets super silly as it leads up to a pleasant ending filled with love and laughter.  [COMING SOON!]

When to read:

Before playing

Before cuddling

Just for fun!


Written and Illustrated for:

Listener Participation
(e.g., staring contest, seek and find, name game)
Rhyme and Sound (funny/bunny, hare/stare)
Teaching Morals and Lessons

(e.g., faith, family, courage, kindness, friendship, forgiveness)
Patterns and Repetition
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