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About Us

Southpaw Publishing Group, LLC is a private family-owned business that is centered in Michigan. The Southpaw family focuses on producing some of the most enjoyable and educational children’s books and activities available to readers and listeners today. Every book is family-oriented and meant to be read aloud to make shareable moments that are filled with love, learning, and maximum fun! We take great pride in knowing that the various products and stories that shape our Southpaw family continue to shape countless memories and traditions in other families, many just like yours.

Contact us at:  info @

Southpaw is delighted to be featuring works from children’s book author S.P. Getty
and from illustrators Timothy Billman and Mackenzie Fox.

What is Southpaw?

Southpaw is a word that is often associated with boxers who assume a left-handed (southpaw) stance. The word is also used to characterize left-handed pitchers in baseball.

At our business, Southpaw describes everyone, our writers and our illustrators, our left-handers and our right-handers. Our family is – Southpaw.

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