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Hopping Here and There

S.P. Getty’s little Pixie Hare™ character enjoys running and HOPPING Here and There.  In this story, a little Pixie Hare stretches her arms and legs before she goes racing outside where she spends much of her day having fun hopping over sticks and other things.  Suddenly it starts to rain, so our little Pixie Hare friend finds some cover and decides to take a few minutes to rest.  Before long, she's jumping over everything imaginable.  Can you imagine jumping over everything?  What seems to be just an ordinary day filled with outdoor fun explodes into something exciting and extraordinary.  Everything comes full circle as the Pixie Hare returns home safely with stretching arms and legs.

When to read:

When to Read:

Before playing

Before cuddling

Before or after napping

Just for fun!


Written and Illustrated for:

Listener Participation
(e.g., staring contest, seek and find, name game)
Rhyme and Sound (funny/bunny, hare/stare)
Teaching Morals and Lessons

(e.g., faith, family, courage, kindness, friendship, forgiveness)
Patterns and Repetition
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